Zu den Tausch-Kronkorken:

Hello, Your bottle caps fans!
Here you will find a selection of unused bottle caps, which I currently
have available for trading.
Please always ask first if still available!!
Minor variations between image and original are possible.
Inquiries at: theo(at)theofauth.de

Blind Trade

unused Kronkorken 1
unused Kronkorken 2
unused Kronkorken 3
unused Kronkorken 4
unused Kronkorken 5
unused Kronkorken 6

Ausland Kronkorken 1
Ausland Kronkorken 2

kein Flaschenverschluß

Blind Trade

used Kronkorken 1
used Kronkorken 2
used Kronkorken 3
used Kronkorken 4
used Kronkorken 5
used Kronkorken 6